Why did you start your blog?


I started blogging back in 2012 to document Ale and I’s move to Hollister together. From there it turned into a fashion & lifestyle blog which I enjoyed doing in my free time. I never expected it to turn into what it did but I have enjoyed every minute of it. Small Town Chic was a reflection of small town life in Hollister with big city dreams. Once we found out we were moving to San Francisco I wanted to create a blog to document our life here in SF, hence the beginning of 19th & Happy.


Where do you live?


Ale and I moved to San Francisco in October of 2014. He unexpectedly received the first assistant golf professional job (now turned Head Pro) at a private golf club in SF and we relocated happily and willingly (SF has always been our dream city!). Before that we lived in Hollister, Ca for 2 years in our first home together. We both grew up in cities in cities close to Hollister (about 30 minutes from each other).


What is your/Ale’s education, background & profession? 


I am currently working full time as a social media consultant for a staffing agency here in SF while growing Simply 1 Love, Frankie + Sirena and freelance work into a full-time career, working for myself has always been my dream! I have been in and out of college since I graduated high school and finally realized the college just wasn’t for me. Ale graduated the University of California at Santa Cruz as a documentary film making major. He now works in the golf industry as the Head Golf Professional at one of the world’s most recognized golf clubs here in the Bay Area.


How did you and Ale meet?


Ale and I met when we were both working for the same gold course in my hometown. I attended California State University East Bay where I was on their Women’s Golf team and came home to work for the summer. We hit things off at his hometown’s local garlic festival and the rest is history.


Where did you get your blog name from?


As I mentioned before I started blogging when we moved to Hollister together, which resulted in Small Town Chic. I wanted to create something new to document our lives here in SF, being engaged (and now married), the joys of motherhood and pregnancy and growing my businesses! Ale came up with the name 19th after the street we live off of, and Happy the emotion we both felt since we have moved here.
Who takes your photos?


Ale has taken my photos since the beginning (first iPhone, now amazing Camera). We now take all photos on our Canon 7D Mark II gifted by my beautiful mama for our wedding.


Do you have any advice for new bloggers?


Just start, be consistent, and be yourself. I started out not knowing anything at all. I researched blogs I liked and followed what I loved, not thinking much whether it looked perfect or not. Down the road I stopped blogging because of job changes, busy schedules, and growing my business. I regret not blogging when we moved up here and I wish I stuck with it. If I have any advice at all it is to keep going and be yourself. Remember you are your own worst critic.