Creative Maker’s Movement with Tracy of “Tahoe Chic Scrubs”

tahoe chic scrubs

I am back at it again with our second installment of the Creative Maker’s Movement. I love featuring other small businesses and hope you all find some useful tips from these interviews (and hopefully we have them on the blog more than 2 every 6 months haha) This month’s maker is Tracy Barroza of Tahoe Chic Scrubs. She is a good friend of mine is is rocking’ it at the skincare/scrub business.We have been friends for years now and I...

Thankful for You + Black Friday Deals from Small Handmade Shops

As a small business owner I truly feel the importance of each sale I receive around the holidays. It is such a testament to how our country chooses to spend their money and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. By shopping small you are not only feeding a family dinner for the week, you are helping pay for bills and ultimately helping a mother stay home with her children. So thank you to everyone who has ever...