10 Nursery Inspirations for Small Spaces

January 9, 2018

10 nursery inspirations for small spaces

Are you pregnant and planning your little one’s nursery? I am currently in full nesting mode and cannot stop eyeing every cute nursery on Pinterest! (follow me HERE). Before we found out we were pregnant, I had some sort of idea on how I wanted the room to look. All of my inspiration photos have one thing in common, they are minimal & gender neutral.

There is only one problem. We lack the space to put a nursery! My husband and I currently live in a 1 bedroom apartment which means baby boy will not have his own dedicated space. We were however, fortunate to be gifted a handmade bassinet/crib from a family friend which will fit in a corner of our room. I then took to Pinterest and saved my top 10 nursery inspirations for small spaces (see below & click on each photo to see original website)

Corner of Mom & Dad’s Room:

nursery in closet

nursery in mom and dads room

bassinet in corner of bedroom

sharing nursery space with baby

nursery in master bedroom

Living Room Nursery:

nursery in living room

nursery in living room

Office Nursery Combo:

nursery office combo

nursery office combination

Have ideas for small space nurseries? Leave them in the comments below!

XO, Cat Rodriguez

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