7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming Pregnant

December 1, 2017

As some of you may or may not know if you follow me on social media, my husband and I are expecting our first baby due in April of  next year. We were very fortunate to have gotten pregnant so quickly and needless to say it was a bit of a surprise. As much as I would like to think, I was not mentally prepared for what was to come and I don’t think many first time mama’s are. Simply put pregnancy is rough! I was clearly under the impression that pregnancy would be a walk in the park, the happiest time of my life where all I would do is dream about the baby. That didn’t happen, but I do want to say the second trimester is much better and easier.

There are so many things in pregnancy that are left unsaid by doctors, family, friends and even people on the internet. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love being pregnant  and am so thankful we were able to get pregnant, but there a few things I can definitely live without. Simply put cannot wait for the day this baby meets the likeness is his parents.

Now that I am 21 weeks tomorrow and halfway done with this pregnancy, I feel like I have a better grasp on what people don’t talk  about vs. the reality of pregnancy.

1.You Feel Like Garbage 24/7

This is not an exaggeration especially if you have morning sickness as badly as I did. Not all people end up feeling sick, and some mama’s get it worse than others. For me I felt nauseous from 7 weeks until about 15 weeks. It was what I like to describe as gut rot. EVERY SINGLE DAY I felt like crap, and if for some reason I didn’t feel horrible you better believe it was coming back the next day. Nothing helped, smells from the kitchen & cologne made me gag and to this day I can no longer drink Ginger Ale. That being said it does pass and you do get some relief eventually. Just try to remember that even though you may not “look” pregnant yet and you probably don’t feel pregnant, you are in fact growing a baby inside you, and it is a beautiful thing.

2. You Get Stretch Marks EVERYWHERE

Have you ever been told to rub coco butter on your belly to prevent stretch marks? It’s true, but when your body grows so quickly and in so many places it’s hard to prevent them. In my case not only has my belly grown, but my hips, butt, legs, thighs, calves, and boobs also grew, rapidly. I have always had a few stretch marks here and there but now I have them EVERYWHERE. To be honest, I don’t mind I just wish I was prepared. If you are one of the lucky mama’s that has a “belly only” pregnancy I bless you! I was not so fortunate. My #1 takeaway is to start using coco butter everywhere the day you find out you are pregnant.

3. Bodily Changes 

This is the not so fun topic to talk about but it’s the one I wish I knew before getting pregnant. I took a poll on Facebook some time back and this was one of the number one things mama’s and mama’s to be brought up. I was in for a shock when things started happening to my body that I wasn’t aware of. We can leave out most of the details but lets just say that there is more going on down there than we’d like acknowledge. Let’s face it you are growing a baby inside that belly of yours, things are bound to change. I had more gas, sweat and other fun stuff that quite frankly could have lasted me a whole year. Hair grows in odd places, boobs grow and you just have to roll with the punches.

4. Unsolicited Advice/ Strangers touching your belly.

This drives me nuts! Strangers are going to rub your belly and you just have to awkwardly sit there until they are done (because let’s face it I do not have the guts to say don’t touch me weirdo.)  I have had more people touch me in 21 weeks than I have had in my whole life and it won’t stop until you give birth. For some reason people love pregnancy and pregnant women. To this day I will never understand why people feel the need to touch your bloated belly. It creeps me out!

Need advice? Strangers have plenty of it. As I said above my entire first trimester was filled with nauseous days I thought would never end. Friends, family, colleagues and strangers all told me the same thing. “Drink Ginger Ale, eat saltines, etc.” I tried everything to no avail. Let me just say everyone is different and all pregnancies are different. Take the advice that works and leave the rest behind.

5. Anxiety and Worry

The anxiety and worry will truly never go away. You are always going to wonder if you are caring for yourself right, caring for your baby correctly, taking the right supplements, etc. I am fortunate enough to have not had this symptom too bad. The beginning of pregnancy until your first doctors appointment at around 6 weeks is the worst. Every little thing I did was googled. From there it subsides and is easier to deal with. Later you worry if you are ready for the baby. Just know that it is all normal and will work out in the end. I will admit I was worried that if I even had a sip of wine my baby would suffer.

I waited until the first trimester was over to drink wine, dye my hair, take a bath, etc. That was a personal choice I made and am happy with it. If you choose to do those things earlier, you do you girlfriend (just consult with your doctor first and form your own opinions). Don’t worry and enjoy this amazing time in your life!

6. Time Flies in the Blink of an Eye

Holy moly is this one true! I don’t know if this has to do with counting week by week or you are more aware than ever about your body and surroundings but I am amazed at how quickly pregnancy has flown by. Before getting pregnant I had the grand plans of keeping a journal with weekly updates, filming monthly Youtube videos about my progress, etc. and literally none of that happened. I started by keeping notes in a journal and would update them weekly. Soon 3 weeks would pass, I would forget and now my pregnancy is almost over. You truly lose track of time and that’s okay. Just be aware of it and accept it for what it is.

7. Pre-Baby Blues

This comes and goes for me. Some days I am sad and depressed for no reason and others I am happy. I cry about our baby not being here and cry that I won’t provide for our family the same. Hell, I cry because we finished that last season of our favorite show. My husband is getting used to this symptom but it is hard sometimes. All of these new hormones are taking over your body and to be honest it is okay to let it out! The sadness and depression will pass and may or may not come back again when your baby is born. Just remember it is all normal and for your unborn child.

So for you soon to be mamas, hopefully some of these tips will help you better prepare for pregnancy and the challenges that you might face. Remember this is an amazing, beautiful time in your life. Take it all in! If you are already a mama, comment below with your own advice & tips!


Mrs. Rodriguez

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