Never Lose Your Favorite Items Again! feat. Tile

November 14, 2017

Have you ever lost something so important to you that you thought your world might end? I have definitely been there and now with pregnancy/mommy brain I feel like it happens more often than not. Just this morning I couldn’t find my flash drive with important photos on it. I searched around the house and of course nowhere to be found. Okay that is besides the point but you get the picture. Losing items happens to all of us more often than we would like to think.

When Tile reached out to me to try their product I was more than elated. Living in such a small apartment in such a big city, losing my favorite or most important items is like a death sentence. With all the options in the world like keys, wallets, purses and cameras I decided to attached it to our external hardrive. Our entire life is on there including photos, important documents and most of my blog files. I would die if we lost it and trust me I have come close. With mommy/pregnancy brain I am more forgetful than ever! Now I will never lose something so important to me!

Just attach Tile to your most important possessions, download the app and let Tile’s Bluetooth action do the work. The Tile app also connects you to thousands of people in your community to help find your favorite possessions through the “together we find campaign”. It is also easy to set up as well! Just download the app , check your Tile’s last location and get help from your community. Simple and easy! PS: They have so many different Tile options from sport versions to rose gold (check them out HERE). Each Tile runs between $25 – $35 and even cheaper when you purchase in bulk. They are very worth the price for the piece of mind you receive! If you do not already have one I suggest you grab yours today! We seriously cannot live without ours.


Mrs. Rodriguez


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