How to Completely Change Your Bathroom for Less Than $100

June 15, 2016


If you are anything like me you like to change up the decor in your house often. Now I don’t know if that has to do with my slight ADD personality (I swear I can never stick to one task at a time) or if I just love decor THAT much! What I can tell you is you can completely change the look of your bathroom by simply switching out a few items and spending  less than $100, nothing more. No DIY construction
projects needed (and your hubby will love you for this!)

I started by changing out our old shower curtain and liner, added a new bath mat and new towels. From there I simply repurposed items from our home that would add to the appeal of my new aesthetic.  I went for a bright, light,  airy theme tying in the colors seafoam, white and light brown/tan. Before our small apartment bathroom felt dark and drab with the lime green and brown theme. I also think the yellow tint to the bathroom lights added an odd mix with the lime green curtain, making the whole space feel uninviting. Now our small bathroom feels more open and inviting (as much as a bathroom can haha).

By adding pieces you already own in your home to create a new theme, you can save big time on money. This whole project actually cost me about $50, as our new towels were gifted from our wedding registry. I switched out the artwork on the wall to a black & white photo of waves crashing, which was taken by a local bay area photographer. I also added a placemat to the top of our drawer organizer as well as a candle and neutral holder to make the area less “boring”. Two succulents from our wedding favors added the perfect touch to the sink area and I kept the bird cage as a toilet paper holder.

Let me know in the comments below what areas of the house you would like to see next! I’m thinking my craft/office area needs an overhaul asap!

XO, Mrs. Rodriguez


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